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The Breeze

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

It started simply enough, Cleaning windows...not a favorite pastime, but needed. My husband offered to help, so I jumped on the opportunity before the golfing range overpowered his desire to assist. We pulled out the first window frame, but instead of sliding out, it popped off the track that was holding it. My husband and I tried in vain to get the window back on track, but the window refused to cooperate. Every time we tried, the window slipped and almost dropped.

There we were one inside, and one outside, holding the awkward, heavy window and not knowing how to make it right. It was at this moment that our talkative 7-year-old made his entrance. He stood, taking in the scene of parental frustration, "MOM, DAD, I think....."

"Not now!" we almost screamed in unison. The window was heavy and we were not in the frame of mind to listen to the simple prattle of a 7-year-old.

"But...." he insisted.

Shifting the weight of the window awkwardly to my other arm I let out a frustrated "WHAT?!"

"Well, " he said bending way down and pointing, "I think you need to take the window all of the way out first, then it will fit between those two bar things under there."

My husband and I stared at each other. Could it be that our son had seen something that we seasoned adults could not? Precariously balancing the window on his shoulder, my husband said "Our seven-year-old was right."

The window had to come all the way out and be maneuvered down and under in order to fit back into the frame correctly. More importantly, our son was shorter and could see this, but without preconceived ideas of how a window ought to work, he had a helpful, FRESH PERSPECTIVE.

As we go throughout our days, let us not forget to enjoy the "fresh perspectives" that life has for us and the delicious component of "Breathing some FRESH AIR".

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