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Yup. You read that right. There can be joy when life stinks. Have you ever experienced something that made you say to yourself, “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy?” Did you know that you can

What brings you JOY?

Trust me, this is a distinction worth making, the difference between Happiness and Joy.

It’s one that can improve your mindset – and your life – in a hurry.

Happiness and joy have similarities.

They are both very positive and make us feel great.

We love feeling the rush of optimism surge through our veins, whether it’s from happiness or joy.

Happiness is dependent on something going your way

It’s circumstantial. When life is good, we feel good.

Happiness is “if/then” thinking:

“If my paycheck is deposited today, then I’ll be happy.”

While it feels awesome in the moment (money, yay!), happiness can’t last, because circumstances change.

What happens when:

the money runs out?

the clothes don’t fit?

the diagnosis isn’t what you’d hoped?

When life’s difficulties find you, relying on happiness to feel good is to be chasing what is not.

Joy is a deeper inner effervescence that will be there, regardless

It might be below the surface, or way down below the rubble, but it’s there.

Joy can be a choice when life stinks. We can choose it when the money is gone.

It can be our go-to when the natural disaster strikes, the meds aren’t working, and somehow, even when hatred seems to rule the day.

Joy is “I have” thinking:

“I have gratitude for kindness in someone’s eyes, even when I don’t have the opportunities I deserve.”

When our circumstances stink, choosing joy is celebrating what IS.

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